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Our cycling class is for everyone, the beginner as well as the experienced. We train circuit training in intervals of varying intensity, using different forms of biking. With included sprints, uphills, downhills, exciting games, and loads of good music. So come along if you want to try something fun, a bit hard, and get your legs, buttocks, thighs, and not least your heart exercised. Should there be special requests for games, music, etc. we are open to it, so just send an email and we'll look at it.

Cycling trousers/bike suit recommended but not a requirement. The jersey can be a regular t-shirt.

The bikes used for team training have both SPD and LOOK pedal systems and can be fitted with clips so you can use your regular trainers. Cycling shoes are preferable, especially for pull/push exercises and if you don't own a pair you can borrow one.

Remember to show up with your good mood, a towel for during the workout and plenty of water - before, during and after.

Looking forward to see you!

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