Member deals

UniFitness offers a wide range of benefits to members! Read below about the different deals.


Personal workout program



Get in shape in the water!

The offer means that you can join free swimming in Gigantium, which includes that you can use the various facilities in Gigantium as you wish.

Personal workout plan

Get yourself a tailor-made workout plan!

In addition to the program itself, we also offer to go through various exercises with you in the gym, so you learn the technique of all the exercises - in other words: We'll get you ready for your workout adventure!


As a member of UniFitness you can train in three different classes!

UniFitness has a wide variety of classes. This includes BodyPower, YogaStep, IndoorBike, X-Fit, Karate, FitBoxing and more. 


At UniFitness Aalborg we offer massage to all members (actually also non-members)!

Do you suffer from muscle tension? Exam stress? Or just appreciate a little wellness every now and then? We offer massage in UniFitness - both for members and non-members at a very attractive price.



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