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It costs from 98,- DKK (0,- DKK in sign up fee) to become a member of UniFitness. - Please note that if you sign up as a member in the middle of a month, you have to pay 2 DKK per day until the end of the month. In addition, you must pay for the following month.


A member will join on 24th of March. The member must therefore pay for the remaining 8 days and 98 DKK for the following month. This makes a total of 114 DKK.

Members prepay in each month.

It's quick and easy to join UniFitness, as you only need your student card/employee card to access the centre.

You sign up at this page.

Of course! We make introductions to our facilities for all members - fitness enthusiasts or not. So everyone can get a good start in UniFitness, which can form the basis for a sensible training and a good atmosphere in the centre.

If you would like a trial session or just an introduction to the centre, please contact Sissel Pedersen. Find contact informations here.

All you need after you have created a membership is your AAUCard - i.e. student card or employee card.

Please note that it may take up to two days for your membership to be registered on your AAUCard.

If you have a membership and your AAUCard does not work, please send an email to: info@unifitness.s-et.aau.dk.

Please note that it can take up to two days from the time you register until the membership is registered on your AAUCard.

Unfortunately, some classes are only offered for limited periods. These may be season depended classes.

An example of a seasonal class is swimming in Gigantium, which is only offered in the winter season.

Other classes are discontinued as our instructors, who are also students, finish their degrees and leave the university. You can always see the current class schedule here. 

Members are generally allowed to bring a guest once to the gym with the purpose of introducing UniFitness as a potential future gym. 

This must be agreed with the daily manager and therefore an email must be sent to Anna Kvist-Ibsen beforehand.

Contact information can be found here. 

The maximum number of classes you may attend at the same time are five.

Please notice, that in terms of swimming classes at Gigantium, it's only possible to book one week before, as this class is extra popular.

You have to cancel a team at the latest at 10 pm the day before. Several breaches of these rules may result in termination of membership.

However, if you have to cancel on the day, you must contact the instructor responsible for the class. Contact information can be located here.

This way you will not be recorded as absent unless it is abused.

Do the following:

1. Sign in (upper right corner).

2. Click the tab "økonomi".

3. Choose "kortoplysninger".

4. Click the button "afmeld kort og abonnement".

Note: you will not be automatically cancelled at the end of your studies or employment. We apologize the fact, that the user page (Conventus) is currently only available in Danish.

Most people are in the gym between 3 pm - 6 pm. This is because many students and employees choose to workout after their studies or work. 

However, access to the machines in the gym is generally not considered to be a problem, as the range of machines is wide. The different machines can be found here.

The gym features a wide range of strength training machines, benches, dumbbells (1kg - 45kg) and a gym hall with various boxing equipment, yoga mats, kettlebells, skipping ropes, step benches, and more. The gym is also equipped with treadmills, rowing machines, and bicycles.

A complete overview including pictures of the facilities can be seen here.

Opening hours in the gym are 06 am - 12 pm (midnight). 

You can see opening hours for the administration and contact details at the contact page..

- Notice: the gym is not staffed.

UniFitness is generally not staffed at any time - we do not have a receptionist or similar. However, there will often be staff present (cleaning, instructors, etc.). If you want to get in touch with us or have any questions, you can find contact details here.

If you're seeking a specific staff member you can look at our staff.




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